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“ANNA & EVE” PROJECT, 2005-2010, by Viktoria Sorochinski

Anna & Eve is a long-term narrative project that I started to work on in 2005.  This project (as well as most of my work) dwells in between fantasy and documentary.  Even though, all the scenes are staged, they reveal a real relationship of a mother and her daughter. Anna and Eve were particularly interesting to me, when I first met them in 2005, because the boundary between the child and the adult woman was blurred to an unusually high degree. Anna – the mother seemed at times more of a child than her 4 year-old daughter – Eve. It was often hard to tell who held the power and control between the two, and who was learning the essence of being a human in this world.

I was always interested in folk tales as a representation of common knowledge, and their influence on children’s perception of good and bad, and of morality. Therefore, in the beginning of the series I often applied to my photographs a frame of a myth or a folk tale. These photographs are not based on particular tales; rather, they are new myths that represent through phantasmagoric scenes my interpretation of the real relationship of this mother and daughter.

In the more recent works, however, I decided to blur the line between the fantasy and their real life to a much higher extent. The little girl becomes so much more aware of everything that is going on in her life. She makes her first steps into adulthood, but at the same time she is still a child who lives in her own world.”

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Naomi Campbell & Effy Stonem parallels (more skins parallels)

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If you don’t masturbate are you really living your life to its fullest potential?

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Fools on parade cavort and carry on for waiting eyes
Ones you would rather be beside than in front of
She's never been the kind to be hollowed by the stares...

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shameless challenge » favourite season
↳ season four

the good parts are so good, you’re willing to suffer an unbelievable amount of pain just to get to them”

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Sunny FADU

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